[Spambayes] Any ideas about this one?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Mar 27 08:03:44 EST 2003

    >> As long as someone's database is snagging that message, I won't worry
    >> about it, though I am kind of curious about the missing to:2**6 clue
    >> in the debug results.

    Alex> It probably was in the midrange zone to be ignored (.4 to .6 by
    Alex> default).

The default is 0.5 (meaning show everything):

    # The range of clues that are added to the "debug" header in the E-mail
    # All clues that have their probability smaller than this number, or
    # larger than one minus this number are added to the header such that
    # you can see why spambayes thinks this is ham/spam or why it is
    # unsure. The default is to show all clues, but you can reduce that by
    # setting showclue to a lower value, such as 0.1
    clue_mailheader_cutoff: 0.5

and I didn't change that, so everything should be shown.  Just for
completeness, here's my options file, in case I'm missing something:

    hammie_debug_header: True

    summarize_email_prefixes: True
    summarize_email_suffixes: True
    address_headers: from

    ham_cutoff: 0.20
    spam_cutoff: 0.88

    hammiefilter_persistent_storage_file: ~/hammie.db

    dbm_type: dbhash


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