[Spambayes] Non-email use of the spambayes project

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> important I think is to document how to use it as I did.  So much
> of what is
> there now is so strongly tied to classifying email messages that it's easy
> to lose sight of how well it can be applied to other
> classifcation problems.

Totally agree!

also, for us who're not completely into Python, it would be great with some
sort of cookbook/skeletons/APIs available and documented.  I tried to read
your original code, but gave up after a while.  I have a similar situation,
having a database with 100.000 people in it, with quite a few rows not being
real persons.  It'd be gresat to try to use the spambayes code on this.

The concept should be fairly common so that one could write a script/program
in any language.

At least what I'm picturing is write a script wich loops over the dataset,
construct some kind of concatinated string, and passing this as argument to
one of three procedures/methods/scripts:

A. classify as spam
B. classify as ham
C. get_score


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