[Spambayes] Back to language issue (long)

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Sat Mar 29 18:17:13 EST 2003

How interesting.  I wonder if a weakness of spambayes is to include a bunch of 
gibberish tokens that would almost surely not be in someone's database, which 
would tend to drive the spamprob strongly towards unknown prob, which is .5 by 
default...  (not that French is gibberish <wink>)  - TimS

3/29/2003 5:15:59 PM, Francois Granger <francois.granger at free.fr> wrote:

>I got this mail (see at end) as ham. I did tested it first withe a 
>copy and past into pop3proxy to check why. I then did a copy and pas 
>of all but the french part. My current database is 1.1MB  Total 
>emails trained: Spam: 487  Ham: 433

c'est moi - TimS

There are 10 kinds of people in the world:
  those who understand binary,
  and those who don't.

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