[Spambayes] Does anyone care about this report?

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed May 14 01:12:03 EDT 2003

> I spent considerable time preparing this several weeks ago, with the
> promise that it would be made available somewhere that would be of
> use to people... but got no reply.

I'm sure I would find it useful if I used imap <wink>.  I am an admin on the
project though and can make changes to the web pages.  However, like
everyone I'm short on time to think <0.1 wink>.  Do you have a suggestion
for what the best thing to do with this is?  I'd be happy to add a link to
it, or include it directly, just say the word (and saying the word in a
patch against the web pages in CVS would be perfect!)

> I'd also appreciate it if someone could address the question at the
> end.

I think that the question can be paraphrased as "what bad things can happen
if 2 spambayes processes are simultaneously reading from and writing to the
same spambayes database?".  If that is correct, I'm afraid I don't even know
where to start <wink>


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