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Seth Goodman delete at GoodmanAssociates.com
Mon Nov 24 13:14:17 EST 2003

> With no reverse engineering required, I read Qurb's FAQ on their
> website.  They state quite clearly that they are replacing the Outlook
> notification with their own, and that the notification only indicates
> messages that are left in the Inbox.  If an Outlook rule moves a message
> to another folder, there is a good chance that Qurb will not show any
> notification of that message.  This probably isn't the behavior we would
> want, anyway.
> --
> Kenny Pitt

I'm not sure why you say this isn't the desired behavior.  At least in my
environment, I use the Outlook rules to filter off all the list mail
traffic, which I don't want special notification for, and then let SpamBayes
filter out the spam.  The only thing I want to be notified about is what's
left in the Inbox.  I'm not saying that's how everyone runs Outlook, but I
bet that this arrangement is more typical than not.

As an aside, I recently noticed that there is a built in Outlook rule action
named "clear the Message Flag".  I don't know anything about the Outlook
internals, but is there any chance that you could grab a hook to that

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