[Spambayes] Initial Start Up Problems

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon Sep 1 15:10:40 EDT 2003

> My operating system is Windows 2000 and I want to use 
> pop3proxy with Outlook and Outlook express.

Is there any reason that you would rather use pop3proxy with Outlook
than the Outlook plugin?  The plug-in is almost certainly the better

> I've downloaded spambayes 1.0a4 and Python 2.3. As I said in 
> an earlier post, I can only get Python to compile the files 
> by opening them with it. If I try to run pop3proxy.py -b it 
> says it can't fine the file even though it is in the current 
> directory.

Have you run "setup.py install"?  What if you run "c:\python23\python
pop3proxy.py -b"?

> I've also tried the command: ">>>> from spambayes.Options 
> import options"  in python and again it can't find the file 
> even though it is in the current directory.

Is the current directory on the path, though?  "import sys;print
sys.path".  Again, this sounds like you haven't run "setup.py install".
(Note that the 1.0a5 documentation has been improved).

> Is there some environmental variable that needs to be set for 
> Python to work? I can't find a reference to it in the Python 
> documentation.

No.  You can set PYTHONPATH to a list of directories to search, but you
shouldn't need to do this if you *install* spambayes.

> I read that I need to create a file "baysecustomize.ini" and 
> enter the name of my ISP mailserver and the port it listens 
> on. I've entered:
> Is this right?

No.  Once you have pop3proxy running, go to http://localhost:8880 and do
the setup there; you'll find it much easier.  The options you are after
remote_servers: mail.netspeed.com.au
listen_ports: 110

> Next I want to set up Outlook to go to the pop3proxy instead 
> of my ISP mail server. For another proxy server I've tried 
> you enter "localhost" or "" as the pop server in the 
> account details and put the name of the ISP mail server and 
> ":" before your username. Is the same correct for Spambayes?

No.  Set the server to "localhost" (or "", it doesn't matter).
You don't need to do anything else.

=Tony Meyer

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