[Spambayes] Re: SMTP Errors using Eudora

Ed Rubinsky edrubins at andisplace.com
Mon Sep 1 11:17:05 EDT 2003

> > Hmm.  I misread the bug report.  The removed '\r\n' wasn't there, it was
> > a few lines higher (in the if self.inData == True block; it should be
> > line 225 in v1.12).  Cameron Stone (thanks!) pointed out that the '\r\n'
> > is added twice there, which (if I am still seeing straight) it shouldn't
> > be.  I've corrected this (in v1.13), and it still works for me.  It
> > would be great if it did for you, too.

Cameron Stone is absolutely right. The initial '\r\n' is added in line 219, 
before checking the request. If it's the end of the data ('.'). it's added 
again in line 225 - before the QUIT command is processed. Norton is 
apparently taking the empty '\r\n' as QUIT, and queueing the mail for 
delivery. It then sees the quit and returns the 500 error (or at least 
someone does.) The following snippet is from a trace I added to 
asynchat.init_send(). The numbers in parenthesis are the number of bytes 
sent. Notice the blank line after the '.' which ends the message, followed 
by the mail queued message followed by the quit. Without the extra '\r\n' 
that extra line is not there and neither is the 500 error.

async_send: "data
" (6)
async_send: "354 Please start mail input.
" (30)
async_send: "From: someone at somewhere.com
To: somebody at someplace.com

Testing SMTP.

" (82)
async_send: "250 Mail queued for delivery.
" (31)
async_send: "quit
" (6)
async_send: "500 Unrecognized command
" (26)
async_send: "221 Closing connection. Good bye.
" (35)

> > However, by the QUIT command we shouldn't be in that block, as far as I
> > can figure. So there's a deeper problem, which I'll keep working on.

It's not.

> >> I feel pretty strongly that the 500 response is coming from Norton.
> > I was beginning to wonder, except for these two new people that have
> > reported it - at least one of them isn't using Norton.

Are they using another anti-virus program, or something else between the 
MUA and smtp server?

Best, Ed

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