[Spambayes] X-Spambayes-Classification not appearing

Peter Beckman beckman at purplecow.com
Mon Sep 1 19:43:36 EDT 2003

On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Meyer, Tony wrote:

> >  My .spambayesrc contains:
> >     [Headers]
> >     include_evidence: True
> >     include_score: True
> >     include_thermostat: True
> >
> > but I don't see anything in my headers.  Using procmail; the
> > X-SpamBayes-Classification is there, no other SB header.
> You're using hammiefilter, yes?  At the moment only pop3proxy and
> imapfilter can add those headers (or more accurately, any of the apps
> that use the sbheader_message class in the message.py module).

 Ah.  That's why.

> OTOH, doesn't hammiefilter include the score in the classification
> header?  And there's a hammie option ([Hammie]debug_header) that adds
> the evidence header (under the 'debug' name).  I don't think there's any
> way to get a thermostat header, though.

 OK, I'll try that out.

> At some point hammiefilter probably will use the same class as the other
> apps (it's one of the reasons it was created); it just hasn't happened
> yet.

 Cool; I'll look for it.  Thanks Tony.

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