[Spambayes] Spam which made it through the filter

Harri Pesonen harri.pesonen at wicom.com
Tue Sep 2 11:02:16 EDT 2003

One idea that came to my mind is that perhaps all url: token weights
should be multiplied by 10 or something. Or by 100. So if you ever get
spam from certain address, then that is going to get filtered the second

Of course, spammers might get around this by adding good urls... :-)

I believe that SpamBayes has to eventually dig into Received headers,
and check the address where the spam originally came from (convert the
ip address to host name perhaps).

The message below has (in addition to $RANDOMIZE bug that spammers will
fix) many words that I never get in any of my good e-mails. But the
problem is that if the spammer has a huge dictionary, which is likely,
then learning these does not do much good.


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From: Jan Fure <list2003 at fure.net>
Subject: [Spambayes] Spam which made it through the filter


The message below made it through, and I probably will discard it for 
the sake of training the filter, as it contains so many "good" words.

Have you seen more spam messages which contains "intellectual words" 
rather than childish disguises of whatever is being pushed?

Jan Fure

> accordingly bottled bengal mesenteric humidify brainwashes midshipman
> acrobacy bounteous ponders posterity terminates acclamation braggart
> maturity tetrachloride cottony exasperation taking adoption poisoning
sane hyena 
> math plots activity sated ichneumon $RANDO MIZE euphemist express 7th
> sans tameness tarantula theological breading teeter adonis bothersome
> excuse bartlett expunged boarder messenger hospitalized breakdowns
> ichneumon scored countrymen ice creepy crossbars acclimatized teaming 
> positioning $RANDOM IZE blueprints port cremation terse admirals creak
> hydronium pokes expounder teleological midwife terminologies polled
> messed saucer astoria expanded memo credence
> <http://srd.yahoo.com/drst/seaward/*http://www.manual3a.com/sh/>
> hysterectomy melon tangible bender identities testifies maze horselike

> horsewoman hydrophobic evidences adduct explorer acquainted
> thatch pops bossed pogrom meekest benton posterior potentiating
> practicably hypocycloid body blurring annale break $RANDOM IZE melts
> counterpointing micrography tempers scuttling materialized screeched
> actors berra schemer sceptic accruing schoolmate tentative seasons
> accuracies meddler pompano beltsville imbibe adsorb evidential
> polluting tell brambly cowgirl $RANDOMI ZE assyria bluntly boeotian
> adrienne crest adumbrates adjutant baku exacerbate accountability
> RANDOMIZE sated hustling portions pledges adventuring crawled plush

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