[Spambayes] General configuration to change location of database

Ryan Malayter rmalayter at bai.org
Tue Sep 2 12:54:35 EDT 2003

From: Harriger, Alka R. [mailto:arharriger at tech.purdue.edu] 
>...Regardless of what I place in the file or where 
>I install SpamBayes, it keeps going to C:\Documents and
>Settings\myusername\Application Data\SpamBayes...

I've just confirmed this problem with version 007 of the plug-in on my
own system (Windows XP sp1, Outlook 2002 SP2), and have reported it as
bug # 799245 on the Sourceforge site.

Incidentally, Alka, what is your limit for roaming profiles at Purdue?
We use 30 MB here, and have very little trouble. People still
occasionally leave giant files on their desktops, but in general
everyone knows not to do that sort of thing by now.


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