[Spambayes] General configuration to change location of datab ase

Harriger, Alka R. arharriger at tech.purdue.edu
Tue Sep 2 22:03:04 EDT 2003

I tried several variations, including placing a (new)
default_configuration.ini file with a [General] section to define the
data_directory location, but couldn't get it to work. I'm guessing that the
syntax I used to specify the location of the data directory on a network
drive was invalid, but with the available documentation, I couldn't figure
it out. My current office system is Win 2000 & I use Outlook 2000.

Alka Harriger

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> From: Harriger, Alka R. [mailto:arharriger at tech.purdue.edu] 
> >...Regardless of what I place in the file or where
> >I install SpamBayes, it keeps going to C:\Documents and
> >Settings\myusername\Application Data\SpamBayes...
> I've just confirmed this problem with version 007 of the plug-in on my
> own system (Windows XP sp1, Outlook 2002 SP2), and have reported it as
> bug # 799245 on the Sourceforge site.

In which location are you putting your default_configuration.ini file?
This works perfectly for me using Windows XP sp1, Outlook 2002 SP2 and
either current cvs or 007, if I put the default_configuration.ini file
in the application data directory (and point the data directory at a
network drive).  I haven't tried putting it in the spambayes directory.

=Tony Meyer

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