[Spambayes] Spam not always moved (when filtering too ?)

MLL mlmll at netcourrier.com
Thu Sep 4 08:41:50 EDT 2003

Resend - looks like 1st post didn't make it through to the list
> > Unfortunately, it seems that, while the spam in "Inbox" is 
> > appropriately moved to "Spam", it doesn't always for 
> > "inbox2". Maybe spambayes kinda competes with the rules 
> > filtering system when the mail comes first to the inbox ?
> This is more-or-less what happens.  It's up to Outlook when it tells
> spambayes that there is new mail, and when Outlook decides to do this
> depends on a whole host of things.
> Your best solution is to enable the 'timer'.  This is an experimental
> feature in 007 (look at the configuration guide, which you get to via
> the 'about' button), but in the soon-to-be-release 008, it is just a
> regular feature (in other words, you don't have to be wary about the
> 'experimental nature' of it).

Thanks ! Just inserted :


in the ini file. Let's see what happens...

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