[Spambayes] Questions

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Sep 5 12:04:34 EDT 2003

> 1.  Do I periodically need to "retrain" the system, or does 
> it learn automatically in real time as I move messages in and 
> out of my spam folder?

If you check the "Train a message as ... when it is moved ..." boxes in
the main dialog, then it will train messages for you as you move them
into folders that you have specified are ham/spam.  If you haven't
checked this, then you'll need to retrain (although you don't have to
retrain from scratch).

> 2.  Can I periodically clean out the 
> spam folder, or does the system need the history to maintain 
> its scoring and learning?

See FAQ 3.6 and 4.6:


> 3.  When I disconnect from the 
> network (I use a laptop), will the system catch the spam when 
> I log back on?  E.g., does it take a pass through the outlook 
> inbox when i come back on the network?  If so, what trigger 
> this -- re-opening outlook, or just the fact that i come back 
> on a network?

When you re-open Outlook it checks to see if there are any messages that
it hasn't scored yet (in the folders that it is watching) and scores
them.  So yes it will, and when you re-open Outlook.

=Tony Meyer

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