[Spambayes] Error encountered

Dulaney, Ben Ben_Dulaney at RGCResources.com
Thu Sep 4 14:30:51 EDT 2003

I am using Outlook plug-in release 007 on Windows XP Professional in
Outlook XP.  I have tested this on two different computers and have
experienced the exact same problem both times.  Initially I have the
plug-in installed and happily filtering away.  

The problem arises when I install the Exchange 2000 Management tools on
my PC so I can script some functions in ADSI for email accounts.  These
tools require the Windows 2000 Management tools to be loaded first
(Win2003 tools on WinXP).  After successful installation of the Exchange
tools, I open Outlook and it crashes.  The next time I open Outlook I
get a message that the add-in 'SpamBayes' will be disabled due to the
fact that it caused Outlook to crash.  At this point if I try to
re-enable the plug-in (through Help-About-Disabled Items) I get another
message that an add-on is causing problems and Outlook can try to
correct the problem without interfering with the application that caused
it.  If I ask it to correct it then it comes back and says that it
couldn't.  If I respond to not correct it, then there are no more
messages.  Either way, SpamBayes is completely disabled in Outlook now,
and I cannot even get it to work again.  I've tried removing and
reinstalling SpamBayes and that does not help.

I do not have the exact error messages as I cannot get SpamBayes to work
again so that I can break it.  Any help would be appreciated as this is
a wonderful tool and I would love to continue my use of it.

Ben Dulaney
Systems Administrator
RGC Resources

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