[Spambayes] IMAP filter failes (readonly issue) - HELP!!! :(

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Sep 5 17:08:53 EDT 2003

> I've used the very helpful info from "Setting up Server-Side 
> Spam filtering for IMAP" 
> (http://www.boost-consulting.com/writing/server-side.html), and it 
> was a real treat - you should at least add a link to it in the FAQ.

I could have sworn we added this somewhere.  I'll have a look and add it
if it hasn't been.

> and here is what I got:
> File "C:\Program Files\python\lib\imaplib.py", line 616, in select
>    raise self.readonly('%s is not writable' % mailbox)
> imaplib.readonly: HamBox is not writable

This sounds very much like that imap folder is read-only (at least for
the user that is logging in).  If you log into the imap server
(manually, or with a mail client), can you make any changes to this

=Tony Meyer

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