[Spambayes] Setting up SpamBayes for a multiuser environment

stephen stephen at theboulets.net
Fri Sep 5 17:48:47 EDT 2003

Thanks. Would putting the commands in .xinitrc make the most sense?

-- Stephen

On Fri, 05 Sep 2003 22:12:51 +0100, Richie Hindle wrote
> Hi Stephen,
> > I'd like to have a separate database for each user. Is the best way to do this
> > to have the source distribution in each user's home directory, and to start
> > the web interface on different ports?
> No need to duplicate the code.  Install it using "setup.py install", 
> which will put the executable scripts in /usr/bin (or similar), and 
> let each user run it in a different working directory with different 
> ports configured.
> > BTW, anyone working on kmail integration?
> Not that I know of.  I do know that people are successfully using 
> both the POP3 proxy and the procmail scripts with KMail.
> -- 
> Richie Hindle
> richie at entrian.com


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