[Spambayes] Plug in installation question

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sun Sep 7 16:57:35 EDT 2003

> Spambayes .7, outlook 2k, win2k patch 4
> The installation went without error, and Outlook
> displays
> the SpamBaye button. I can set the Spam information
> in the manager. However, the
> tools->options->others->advanced->Com Addin
> is empty, and "Delete as Spam" complains that
> SpamBayes
> is not enabled. The FAQ mentioned that SpamBayes needs
> to be re-installed but the installation went without
> an error.

Go to the "SpamBayes Manager", and click the "About" button - this has
information about the configuration process.  Then you must ensure you have
clicked the "Enable Spambayes" button in the manager (it will be disabled
until you have configured it correctly)


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