[Spambayes] Invitation to join the Spambayes group (fwd)

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sun Sep 7 16:56:21 EDT 2003

    japeters at pacbell.net has invited to join the Spambayes group hosted by
    Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use community service.


    By joining Spambayes, you will be able to exchange messages with other
    group members, store photos and files, coordinate events and more.


    I see you are active on the SpamBayes project.  I found your email by
    Googling for Spambayes.  I hope you will join this group so we can help
    others get started (Like me)

Is there some way the existing spambayes at python.org mailing list is
inadequate to the task?  All the people who are best equipped to help
already read that list.

Skip Montanaro
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