[Spambayes] Imapfilter never-ending appending headers

Alon arohter at nolar.com
Sun Sep 7 20:42:16 EDT 2003

Here's a -v -c output:

Loading state from /var/spambayes/arohter.db database
/var/spambayes/arohter.db is an existing database, with 442 spam and 1953 
Loading database /var/spambayes/arohter.db... Done.
Classified 17 ham, 0 spam, and 0 unsure.
Classifying took 27.2827889919 seconds.

I also attached the verbose -i4 output to my original bug report ( 
1702&atid=498103> )

Hmmm...checking my /var/spambayes/arohter.messageinfo.db stats, it doesn't 
look like it's being updated...the timestamp never changes (and file size 
stays at only 12,288 bytes), even after several classification and training 
runs (with new mail).


>> Just upgraded to spambayes 1.0a5 from a4, and now
>> whenever I run imapfilter -c (to classify), spambayes
>> just keeps appending X-Spambayes headers to each
>> email:
> [...]
>> Is this a bug, or am I missing something?
> It sounds like either spambayes isn't finding the message id in the
> headers, or it's not finding the id in the messageinfo db.  If you run
> imapfilter with -v, do you see a message (at the top) that looks like:
> "Warning: no dbm modules available for MessageInfoDB"?
> If not, could you run imapfilter with the switch "-i4" and attach the
> stuff that's printed out to the bug tracker that you opened?  Thanks.
> =Tony Meyer

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