[Spambayes] SpamBayes file list

NCADjohn john at ncad.net
Mon Sep 8 00:50:23 EDT 2003

Mary Fran,
Thank you for your article.
I will no longer refuse offers to subscribe to ComputerWorld!
I used to subscribe while in grad school 1981-85 M.S. Computer
Then i pursued the PC rev while y'all were a little slow to the track.

But now, getting to the bottom of SPAM is #1.
and many thanks N for getting me to you.

Here is the question:


there is offered a glimpse at core code implementing the "filter"
Appears elegant and simple.  I wrote a lexical scanner (token parser) in
SpamBayes appears to be exactly as i would have done it!  Nice Woik!

I would like to assess the basic file sizes.
Before i explode the exe, would someone send a simple text copy (no
attachment) of directory of files,
so i may consider the file sizes of active code?


Still enjoy occasionally referencing EF Codd's classic RDBM articles
published in CW back in the 80s.  Is there electronic form of that?

Thank you, sincerely,
Earth Model Do

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