[Spambayes] Imapfilter never-ending appending headers

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon Sep 8 18:51:56 EDT 2003

[original post]
> messageinfo_storage_file:/var/spambayes/main.messageinfo.db
> Hmmm...checking my /var/spambayes/arohter.messageinfo.db 
> stats, it doesn't look like it's being updated...the timestamp
> never changes (and file size stays at only 12,288 bytes), even
> after several classification and training runs (with new mail).

The -i4 information looks like it's finding the messages ok, which leads
me to suspect the messageinfo db.  Your two messages have different
names for this file - does the file&path in your .ini match the file
that you're looking at?  If this isn't being updated, then that is the
problem - spambayes thinks that it hasn't seen the message before and so
adds the information to it.

There are only three reasons I can think of offhand why the file
wouldn't be updated:
  1. you don't have a suitable dbm module available - 1.0a4 let people
use dumbdbm, but 1.0a5 doesn't, so you need bsddb, gdbm or something
like that.
  2. you have a suitable dbm module, but the existing dbm module is
  3. spambayes can't find the file

However, there are flaws with all three of these.  #1 should print out
an error explaining what the problem is.  #2 should crash and die with
some sort of traceback.  With #3, spambayes should just create the new
file and then keep using it, unless it gets deleted between sessions.

Anyway, knowing that the messageinfo db referenced in the ini definitely
isn't being touched would be a good start.

=Tony Meyer

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