[Spambayes] Imapfilter never-ending appending headers

Alon arohter at nolar.com
Mon Sep 8 02:32:30 EDT 2003

OK, tested with Python 2.3:

Now timestamp on arohter.messageinfo.db is updated every time I run 
imapfilter, but the file size never changes beyond the first 12,288 
bytes......and the X-Spambayes headers continue to pile up :(


> The messageinfo db referenced in the ini definitely is not being touched
> for some reason.  It never changes from it's default first creation. I
> can switch back to using 1.0a4 just fine, but as soon as I start using
> a5, it no longer touches messageinfo.db.
> I'm going to test using Python 2.3, on the off chance it fixes things.
> aLoN

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