[Spambayes] RE: imapfilter.py

Rafael Scholl rafael.scholl at bbox.ch
Mon Sep 8 20:05:45 EDT 2003

> > In the web interface, the folder names still appear garbled
> > with the first letter and the last missing for all folders except
> > for Deleted Items and Sent Items.
>Drat.  Could you run "imapfilter.py -i4 -b" and send me the output that
>you get if you display the folder selection page?

User interface url is http://localhost:8880/
   11:10.71 > BKKJ1 LOGIN "username" "password"
   11:10.73 < BKKJ1 OK LOGIN completed
   11:10.73 > BKKJ2 LIST "" *
   11:10.75 < * LIST (\Select \Noinferiors) "/" INBOX
   11:10.75 < * LIST (\Select) "/" "Deleted Items"
   11:10.75 < * LIST (\Select) "/" Drafts
   11:10.75 < * LIST (\Select) "/" Science
   11:10.75 < * LIST (\Select) "/" "Sent Items"
   11:10.75 < * LIST (\Select) "/" SPAM
   11:10.75 < * LIST (\Select) "/" Unsure
   11:10.75 < BKKJ2 OK LIST completed

Interestingly, the names are displayed correctly here, and those that are 
correct in the HTML interface as well are in quotation marks!

>imapfilter dies because it's expecting that "* SEARCH" line.  If you
>change line 488 of imapfilter.py from:
>         if response[1][0] == "":
>         if not response[1][0]:
>That should fix it.  I've checked in basically the same fix for the next

The fix works, thanks a lot! Can't tell you how unreasonably giggly I am 
about this.

Unfortunately, I'm encountering the same problem as somebody else on the 
list: Every time I classify my Inbox, a new set of SpamBayes headers is 
attached to every message. In verbose mode, there's no warning "no dbm 
modules available for MessageInfoDB?". I can send the -i4 readout if you 
think it'll help.

Rafael Scholl 

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