[Spambayes] Spambayes 1.0a5 comments

Harri Pesonen fuerte at sci.fi
Mon Sep 8 23:11:14 EDT 2003

Meyer, Tony wrote:

>>It is good to have Unsure messages in top. But the button
>>to Train should be there too.
>Wouldn't this encourage people to click 'Train' without actually
>checking that the classification is correct?
>(Having the "save" button at the top (and bottom) of the config, page,
>however, would be good).
But if the Train would train only Unsure messages...

And why the Unsure messages were moved to the top then?

>>Also I would like it to train only Unsure messages, and then
>>have Train All button to train also ham and spam messages.
>>Another option would be to have all other messages selected
>>as Defer by default.
>The default is to have messages selected as their existing
>classification.  Most of the time this should be right, so makes sense
>as the default.  If you want to change them all to 'defer', this only
>takes a single click (on the 'defer' heading).
Thanks, I didn't know that.

>An option to only review unsures is an interesting idea.  If we had more
>data about which training regeme produces the best results, and training
>on unsures only did well, then this would definitely be a good idea.  As
>it is, I wonder if it would just make things more complicated,
>unnecessarily.  You can open a feature request if you really want it,
>and people can debate the idea.  (Note that it won't get added until the
>end of the feature freeze, in any case).
It would be better to have a separate Train All button to train also Ham 
and Spam messages, because I have already:
Spam: *1251* Ham: *535

*Or, wouldn't it be great if SpamBayes detected the amount of learnt 
spam and ham, and in my case, only learnt all ham by default? All spam 
messages would have Defer. That way the amount of spam and ham would get 
even eventually.


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