[Spambayes] RE: imapfilter.py

Alon arohter at nolar.com
Mon Sep 8 16:05:53 EDT 2003

Sjoerd thinks this particular problem ( 
1702&atid=498103> ) might be fixed with the latest spambayes/message.py (v 
1.3.6).  However, I cannot test it since anon cvs access is waaay behind. 
I'll let you know as soon as someone sends me the updated file, or anon cvs 


> Unfortunately, I'm encountering the same problem as somebody else on the
> list: Every time I classify my Inbox, a new set of SpamBayes headers is
> attached to every message. In verbose mode, there's no warning "no dbm
> modules available for MessageInfoDB?". I can send the -i4 readout if you
> think it'll help.
> Rafael Scholl

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