[Spambayes] New Icons for Outlook Plugin

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Sep 9 17:24:49 EDT 2003

> e-Greetings!
> I finally installed SpamBayes for Outlook, and... I wish I had done so
> yesterday. ;) Anyway, I decided that the face icons (while
> cute), did not
> quite fit my style of thinking:
>  http://chris.pirillo.com/images/outlookplugin.gif

Sorry, but I don't like them that much, as I have to think too much to work
out what they mean.  I guess the "black ball" is a reference to being "black
balled", which I don't think is a reference to pool :)

I quite like Inboxer - it has a mail icon, with a big blue tick or red

Also, I unfortunately need the images in a .bmp format.  And one day I need
to crack the transparency issue :(

> Thanks for doing this for Outlook users. It's wonderful!

Our pleasure - for some definitions of the word "pleasure" <wink>


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