[Spambayes] Classification not always added to the header: ThePlotThickens

Lanny Trager ltrag at optonline.net
Tue Sep 9 09:44:40 EDT 2003

On Tuesday 09 September 2003 04:29, Meyer, Tony wrote:
> > Nothing at all in the headers, from SpamBayes that is:
> [...]
> > That's what has me stumped.  There doesn't seem to be a clue.
> > I'm going to shut down and save SpamBayes and then shutdown the
> > machine itself around mid-night or so and start again in the morning.
> I can't see how a message can go through pop3proxy and not get any
> X-Spambayes header added at all.  This leads me to believe that the
> message isn't going through pop3proxy at all.  Is it possible that your
> mail client is connecting directly to the POP3 server in some cases?
> =Tony Meyer

Nope, I checked Kmail, all of my accounts (3) point to pop3proxy.  There is no 
reference whatsoever to any pop or SMTP server in Kmail except to pop3proxy.

This morning I started everything up and got 40 e-mails

1 in my in-box - it had the spambayes header

7 in my trash - 4 had spambayes headers - 3 did not (trash is where I filter 
all my spam to)

4 from another mailing list - none had spambayes headers

1 to another mailing list -  did not have spambayes headers

1 to another list - it had the spambayes header

25 to spambayes list - all had the spambayes header

While writing this e-mail 2 more spam came - one had the header and the other 
did not.  However, both showed up on the review page.  None of the other 
e-mails without the spambayes headers showed up on the review page.  Also one 
of the e-mails that did have a spambayes header also did not show up on the 
review page.

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