[Spambayes] Classification not always added to the header: ThePlotThickens

Lanny Trager ltrag at optonline.net
Tue Sep 9 11:44:04 EDT 2003

On Tuesday 09 September 2003 10:06, Anthony Baxter wrote:
> >>> Lanny Trager wrote
> >
> > Nope, I checked Kmail, all of my accounts (3) point to pop3proxy.  There
> > is no reference whatsoever to any pop or SMTP server in Kmail except to
> > pop3proxy.
> You might want to try running tcpdump to check if Kmail doesn't have some
> wacky cached version of your POP settings in some strange little file in
> .kde or something. In the past when I've played with Kmail, I ended up
> nuking every config file it touched to get it to forget some old settings.

I appreciate your suggestion.  Unfortunately I am not as literate in TCPDUMP 
as I might be.  Could you possibly tell me what command line options to use.



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