[Spambayes] Unable to Enable Filtering

Michele Scott mscott at perspectivedata.com
Tue Sep 9 11:53:44 EDT 2003

I have recently downloaded and installed Spambayes Binary Version 0.7.  I
have followed the installation and troubleshooting guide.  However, I am
unable to enable the filtering.  I have defined a Spam folder and trained
messages.  It seems to identify 29 good email and 52 spam.  However, I am
unable to delete as spam and recover from spam, prompts for me to enable
filtering.  The check box for me to enable this option remains disabled and
says I have to define a folder to filter, I have, "Spam" folder in my Inbox.
Also, does not automatically filter my messages, assuming this is due to the
enabling of the filter!?  Help?

OS: Windows 2000
Outlook: 2000
Spambayes: Binary 0.7


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