[Spambayes] Eudora Filters

Ed Rubinsky edrubins at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 9 17:35:44 EDT 2003

> >It seems that Eudora is not able to "see" the Spambayes headers and so the
> >fltering process misses them and does not move the e-mails to an
> >appropriate folder.
> > Sample header:
> > Reply-To: [sender removed-theta]
> > X-Mailer: WhatCounts
> > X-Spambayes-Classification: spam
> > X-Spambayes-MailId: 1063122101
> > [body follows]
> > I've set up 2 filters for "ham" and "spam" headers but they are not
> > working.  I've classified the filtering variously on <body> and on <any
> > header> but still no-go.
> > Has anyone been able to get these filters to work in Eudora?  Is it,
> > perhaps, a Eudora bug?

I have it filtering both unsure and spam with the following filters, unsure 
is a folder I created to hold, well messages spambayes wasn't sure of. The 
order of the filters may matter - make sure you spambayes filters come first.
         Match Incoming Header X-Spambayes-Classification contains spam 
Make Status read Transfer To trash

         Match Incoming Header X-Spambayes-Classification unsure spam 
Transfer To unsure.

Best, Ed

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