[Spambayes] Outlook 2002 misplaced registry lookup?

David Gardner DavidG at fool.com
Tue Sep 9 21:03:53 EDT 2003

Dev Team,
I love this application, and thank the programmers who are working on it. I
have tried it some on my laptop, where it has been devastatingly effective.
I am now, as a non-techie, endeavoring to use this on my (newer) desktop
home PC.
My home PC runs Windows XP, and I have Outlook 2002. I am using the newest
version of SpamBayes, running the 0081 Outlook Setup file. 
When I attempt to install the app, I get a surprising dialog box that states
"Outlook appears to not be installed." It then asks me if I want to install
anyway, which I do, but it's clear that my Outlook is just never seeing (or
using) the SpamBayes plug-in. It's as if the SpamBayes plug-in program
doesn't believe I have Outlook on my machine, but I assure you I'm using my
own legit version of Outlook 2002, from the OEM, with my own product license
number, via the PC I bought from Dell. 
Being the type who likes to try to figure out stuff for myself, I read the
FAQs unsuccessfully and then decided to search Google, where I happened upon
this page:
It appears to my untrained eye that the code is looking for a registry key
where mine is NOT. Further, check out this this (completely unrelated but
still relevant) page:
... so... the SpamBayes code is not looking in the right place for my
Outlook registry key?
The Outlook registry key is in fact under my 10.0 directory, when I do a
RegEdit - which is NOT, I believe, where SpamBayes is looking for it. Hence,
it doesn't see my Outlook so that it can plug itself in....
That's the present best guess I can make, though I'm mostly an ignorant dude
about this stuff, so I could easily be misunderstanding something. And I'm
quite sure that I haven't "discovered" a real SpamBayes "bug" about the
Outlook 2002 version, since I know so many others would be using Outlook
2002 with SpamBayes successfully. 
But the upshot of it is that SpamBayes doesn't appear to be installing
correctly on my desktop PC - doesn't show up anywhere as a Toolbar
possibility, and I truly can't figure out what I should do next to get it
working on my big machine as sweetly as it's working on my laptop. 
Again, I've read through whatever FAQs I can find, without finding an
answer. I would love some help, here, from anyone who has the time.
David G.

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