[Spambayes] Whitelist for SpamBayes for Outlook

StarPilot StarPilot at sol3.net
Wed Sep 10 15:45:23 EDT 2003

Am I missing something?  I am running the Outlook plug-in (love it death!)
and it has a Black/White list function.  I am 2 versions out of date at the
moment:  did it go away?  I use it and the Outlook rules (100+ rules!) and
it seems to work just fine.  I've seen <10 emails that got classified as
possible spam that should not have.  With as many lists as I am on I get
>1500 emails/week and very rarely now do I get a misclassification.



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    Tom> Even after several months of training, some mail from these people
    Tom> gets dumped into Quarantine: Junk. I even saved 200 messages from
    Tom> one person, trained it as good mail, and I still get mail from that
    Tom> person (my CEO, no less) sent to the Quarantine.

Sounds to me like you probably have some significant errors in your
training.  If you have 200 messages from the big cheese trained as "good"
and his messages still get quarantined, I have to believe there's something
wrong with your training.  Can you post the clues from the quarantined
message without giving away the company's secrets?  It would be helpful to
see them.  I don't know if the Outlook plugin displays the ham and spam
counts for various clues as well, but that would also be helpful.

    Tom> I know, I know that this goes against your belief in the One True
    Tom> God of Bayesian filtering, but in the real world, we REALLY need at
    Tom> least a white list and preferably a blacklist, too.

That's not it.  Outlook already allows you to define such rules.  Mark would
simply be reimplementing something you can already do.  If what you're
really asking for is for the Outlook plugin to implement whitelists and
blacklists in an easier fashion than you can do in Outlook directly, I think
your beef is with Microsoft. ;-)


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