[Spambayes] Whitelist for SpamBayes for Outlook

StarPilot StarPilot at sol3.net
Wed Sep 10 16:10:03 EDT 2003

Ahh!  OK.  I am using the SpamAtBayes (now InBoxer product).  Kudos for this
product.  My wife and I get so much spam and it nails 99% or more of it dead
on.  The only real ones still getting through are the all image ones and the
occasional new twists to s.p31_1ing or _s p e l l i n g_ (spelling).  ;-)


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    Keith> Am I missing something?  I am running the Outlook plug-in (love
    Keith> it death!)  and it has a Black/White list function.  I am 2
    Keith> versions out of date at the moment: did it go away?  

There is a whitelist capability in the InBoxer/SpamAtBay commercial version.
Are you using it perhaps?


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