[Spambayes] Rule Wizard

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Sep 11 10:32:05 EDT 2003

> I am currently running Winsows XP Pro and MS Outlook 2002.  I recently
> added SpamBayes to outlook.  But it seems one of my rules is
> overriding
> spambaye.

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee to be run before Outlook rules.  If you
enable "background processing", we do our best to filter *after* outlook

So you can have your rules move stuff around, and get SpamBayes to watch
your inbox *and* the folders that Outlook moves messages to.

> However I
> can not open the rule wizard any more either.  I'm unsure why it won't
> open.  Outlook runs normally and everything seems to work yet
> I can not
> open the rule wizard, I can create new rules but right clicking on a
> message but can't see old rules by selecting tools | rule
> wizard.  I can
> try reinstalling Office or Outlook or XP but would like some advice
> before I do that.

That does sound strange.  I would try re-booting before re-installing :)


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