[Spambayes] Unfilterable email using Outlook plugin

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Sep 11 10:34:31 EDT 2003

> I've been using Spambayes for a few weeks now and am 
> extremely happy with it.  Congratulations and thanks to all 
> of the developers for working on this project!
> I encountered a problem this morning, though, and I'm not 
> certain what the issue is.  I received a spam email that is 
> disguised as if it's a message returned as undeliverable.  
> Here's the subject of the mail:  "Undeliverable: Read: gjeve 
> get Free Printer Cartridges and more".  For some reason, 
> Spambayes says that this message is unfilterable.  It won't 
> give it a spam probability value, and when I click "Delete as 
> Spam" an error message pops up saying that No filterable mail 
> items have been selected.

Please try upgrading to the 008 release - we did fix some "unfilterable"
issues there.  If that version has the same problem, please forward the mail
to me.


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