[Spambayes] Question On Installtion

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Sep 11 12:51:55 EDT 2003

>   I am looking for various steps to atke before installing 
> spambayes on a 98 machine, the reason I want steps as I will 
> know what files get installed where so it's easy to 
> troubleshoot . As right know I have to test it before I start 
> deploying companywide.

We need more information than that.  What mail client do you use?  What
type of server you do you your mail from?  (POP3, IMAP, Exchange,
something else...).

If you take a look at the README.txt included in the 1.0a5 release it
does cover installation fairly thoroughly.

Regarding where files get installed: if you run "setup.py install" then
you'll end up with a spambayes directory (with various files) in your
Python site-packages directory, and a collection of scripts in your
Python scripts directory.  If you're running the Outlook plug-in from
source, you get to choose where files are installed, plus a registry key
or two is created, and data is stored in the Windows "Application Data"
directory (see the FAQ to locate it).

=Tony Meyer

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