[Spambayes] Error in classifier.py?

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Sep 11 12:55:53 EDT 2003

> Any idea what exception gets raised when you kill a DOS box with 
> Python running?

> None; it's like doing sys._exit() (no exception is raised, no 
> finally blocks are executed; open files may be left in 
> inconsistent states; etc); Bad Idea.

I think this is the biggest argument for creating the 'tray' app for
Windows 9x/ME users, so that they use that to start/shutdown the proxy.
Shutting down the whole machine still (presumably) _exit-style closes
it, but hopefully everything else that might have been using the proxy
is also dead by that time.

I think that the Windows NT/2K/XP users that run the pop3proxy service
avoid this, as presumably services are given the chance to close nicely.

=Tony Meyer

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