[Spambayes] Unfilterable email using Outlook plugin

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Sep 11 11:18:23 EDT 2003

The problem is that the message in question *is* a bounce.  Some spammer has
used your "from" address, so the bounce is to you.

The interesting thing is that Outlook has decided to transform this bounce
into an "undeliverable report", which it handles slightly differently - it
gets a different icon, and a different "form" which includes a "resend"
option etc.  Not *all* bounces are handled this way by Outlook, but clearly
some are.

Unfortutately, this is a "feature" gone wrong.  I initially thought that
Outlook only created such messages for "internal" bounces - ie, for messages
that failed delivery *before* they moved to the internet - particularly in
an Exchange Server environment.

Initially, my experience was that I had only ever seen these "bounce"
messages for legitimate bounces - but SpamBayes would then filter them, and
depending on your training, would often score tham as Spam.  This was
clearly bad for legitmate bounce messages.  Since then I have seen exactly
one external bounce message be handled this way in my own mail - and now
yours makes a second.

I'm not sure what to do about this now...  I guess opening a bug at source
forge would be good :)

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