[Spambayes] Error in classifier.py?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Wed Sep 10 22:51:34 EDT 2003

[Tony Meyer, on people killing DOS boxes with a program still running]
> I think this is the biggest argument for creating the 'tray' app for
> Windows 9x/ME users, so that they use that to start/shutdown the
> proxy.

Don't know.  If you try to close a DOS box under Win9x while a program is
running in it, a big "are you *sure* you want to do this?" dialog box pops
up, strongly discouraging you, and recommending that you terminate the
program properly instead.  Most Windows users have enough sense to resort to
this only in an emergency.

> Shutting down the whole machine still (presumably) _exit-style
> closes it, but hopefully everything else that might have been using
> the proxy is also dead by that time.
> I think that the Windows NT/2K/XP users that run the pop3proxy service
> avoid this, as presumably services are given the chance to close
> nicely.

They should.

OTOH, most WinNT+ users are probably slinging Outlook and using its addin.

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