[Spambayes] Outlook Rules Recover Spam

Jan Ebert jan_ebert at web.de
Fri Sep 12 02:53:24 EDT 2003


I am using the SpamBayes Outlook PlugIn in addition to a lot of e-mail rules
defined with the "Rules Wizard". Unfortunately it seems that some of these
rules move e-mails back into my mail folders after these mails have been
correctly put into the spam folder by SpamBayes before.
For example, I want an e-mail rule to move messages received via a special
POP3 account to a special folder. If spam mail arrives through this folder,
SpamBayes scores the mail correctly as spam but finally it is moved to the
destination folder as specified in the Outlook rule and does not stay in the
spam folder as I would like it.

How can I make sure that Outlook rules are not applied to messages that have
already been moved by SpamBayes?

Thanks a lot,

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