[Spambayes] Help with pop3proxy.py

Chauhan chauhan1001 at netzero.com
Fri Sep 12 06:11:00 EDT 2003

> You've already carried out the steps that you need to in order to get pop3proxy running, anyway.

I  am still having a problem to start pop3proxy as I don't know how to
fetch email from my service provider. According to FAQ (4.10) I should 
press button "Get new email" but there is none on home or config page. I 
have set pop3 and smpt setting  in http://localhost:8880/config as:

Remote Servers: mail.icenter.net
SpamBayes Ports: 1110
Allowed remote connections:  localhost
HTTP Authentication:  Basic
User name: MyName (same as  i use to login to fetch my mail from service provider)
Password:  MyPassword (same as  i use to login to fetch my mail from service provider)

SMTP Proxy Options
Remote Servers: mail.icenter.net
SpamBayes Ports: 1024

I have some confusion regarding SpamBayes Ports settings I am assuming 
these are for communicating with Outlookexpress and not with my mail 
server (service provider). If these are for mail server then I have to 
use 110 and 25.

>It should be in the windows directory of the 1.0a5 archive.

pop3proxy_service.py is in windows directory. For the time being I will 
use pop3proxy.py as I don't have windows extentions installed on 
phython2.3 but I do have  for 2.2. 

Many thanks for help,


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