[Spambayes] Whitelist for SpamBayes for Outlook

Bill Yerazunis wsy at merl.com
Fri Sep 12 09:04:59 EDT 2003

   From: "Tim Peters" <tim.one at comcast.net>

   Heh -- despite the name, spambayes isn't a Bayesian filter in the sense that
   most people mean it.  The only One True God we've had here is decreasing
   error rates, by hook or by crook.

   > but in the real world,

   The heavy sarcasm isn't helping -- but it may not be hurting either <wink>.
   All the developers here use spambayes too, in their own versions of the real
   world.  I don't have any need for white- or black- lists in my world, so
   I've got no reason to pursue them.  Free open source code developed by
   volunteers in their spare time is the result of people scratching their own
   itches -- if any developer here had an itch (problem) that could be relieved
   by adding black or white lists, they would do so.

   > we REALLY need at least a white list and preferably a blacklist, too.

If I hadn't redirected the following to a different (non-test) email account,
I would consider the following to be for my mandatory whitelist:

1) my lawyer
2) my (current) girlfriend

My boss, he can take his chances with a partially-trained filter.  :)

   -Bill Yerazunis

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