[Spambayes] Help with pop3proxy.py

papaDoc papaDoc at videotron.ca
Fri Sep 12 09:46:08 EDT 2003


>I  am still having a problem to start pop3proxy as I don't know how to
>fetch email from my service provider. 
When using pop3proxy (or its newer name). What your are doing is 
indirectly talking to your service provider.
You talk to pop3proxy and it talks to your service provider.

Pressing the "Get new email" is done in your mail reader (for me it is 

The only difference is that mozilla should be set up to talk to 
localhost on port 1110 (see your setup below) not mail.icenter.net on 
port 110.

>According to FAQ (4.10) I should 
>press button "Get new email" but there is none on home or config page. I 
>have set pop3 and smpt setting  in http://localhost:8880/config as:
>Remote Servers: mail.icenter.net
>SpamBayes Ports: 1110

This is used to when you want to access pop3proxy from another machine 
where it is running.
The way your have set it up will not work since  "Allowed remote 
connections:" should be the name of the machine
running pop3proxy.
The user name and password can be/should be different then the one you 
use at your service provider.

>Allowed remote connections:  localhost
>HTTP Authentication:  Basic
>User name: MyName (same as  i use to login to fetch my mail from service provider)
>Password:  MyPassword (same as  i use to login to fetch my mail from service provider)

I never use that so I can't help ;-(

>SMTP Proxy Options
>Remote Servers: mail.icenter.net
>SpamBayes Ports: 1024


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