[Spambayes] Whitelist for SpamBayes for Outlook

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Fri Sep 12 10:02:25 EDT 2003

    David> In practice, though, I find that mail from at least one of my
    David> acquaintances keeps getting filtered as "Unsure." This is a
    David> friend who sends me mail as often as a 20 times a day (in fact,
    David> the majority of my ham), always from the same address, but with
    David> wildly varying content, ranging from a couple words in plain text
    David> to a single picture without text to an entire page of HTML.

Any chance you can post the ham/spam clues for a couple of these messages?
    David> recall someone saying earlier that SB (and SAB) takes the message
    David> header into account when classifying the message--if this is the
    David> case, why isn't the "From" address a dead-giveaway? 

It's probably a very strong ham clue, but it is still just one clue.  To
SpamBayes, a clue is a clue is a clue.

    David> What can I do to help figure out what's going on with this
    David> particular filtering phenomenon?

Clues, we need clues.  ;-)


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