[Spambayes] Problem with "Delete As Spam" in Outlook plugin ..

Mark G. Spencer mspencer at evidentdata.com
Fri Sep 12 12:27:20 EDT 2003

I get a massive amount of spam as I have promiscuous receipt of email
enabled on one of my domains.  I've noticed that after a week of training,
the SpamBayes Outlook plugin rarely filters out spam, and very infrequently
filters email as unsure.  I understand part of this may be due to having 120
emails trained as good, and 4,000 as bad?  From some responses I've seen
here it looks like I need to have a more even distribution of good and bad
email trained?  This won't (and can't ever) work for me as I get buried by
mountains of spam, but I'm way off my topic now .. ;)

Anyway .. When I "Delete As Spam" a small number of emails, say fifty of
them, I get the hourglass for a few seconds, my disk spins, and the emails
are properly transferred.  When I "Delete as Spam" a large number of emails,
say five hundred or even thousands, the "Delete As Spam" option stays grey
for a few seconds, then goes back to its normal color like I hadn't pressed
it!  The disk doesn't spin, no hourglass, nothing.  I've waited a couple
minutes, and nothing happened.

Is this a known issue when using "Delete As Spam" on large amounts of email?
Each night I can have up to a thousand spams waiting for me .. Since
SpamBayes currently is not filtering these (rarely it will grab a few) I
have to manually "Delete As Spam" each morning.



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