[Spambayes] Whitelist for SpamBayes for Outlook

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Fri Sep 12 15:03:45 EDT 2003

[David Matos]
> ...
> In practice, though, I find that mail from at least one of my
> acquaintances keeps getting filtered as "Unsure." This is a friend
> who sends me mail as often as a 20 times a day (in fact, the majority
> of my ham), always from the same address, ...

Hmm.  The stats you sent later showed that you had trained on his address 53
times as ham, so about 3 days' worth of his stuff.  If he in fact accounts
for the majority of your ham, though, the majority of all the ham you've
trained on should have been messages from him.  If the percentage of ham
you've trained on from him is much less than the percentage of ham you
actually get from him, then your training data misrepresents your true email
mix, in the direction of under-valuing "message from him" as a ham clue.

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