[Spambayes] Fw: Settings for Spambayes and then OutlookExpress

John A. Peters japeters at pacbell.net
Sat Sep 13 21:46:20 EDT 2003

Is there some place this documentation can be published, after a proof

John Peters

Start ---------------------------------------------------

Spambayes & Outlook Express will work together.  When you are setup
and you tell OE to Send/Recv it will tell Spambayes to get your mail for
OE and SB will add some tags to the title line of each message.  You 
will use OE's Tools\Message Rules to send the Spam messages to a 
Spam folder and the Unsure messages to an unsure folder, but leave
the good ham messages in the OE in box.  Leave the good messages
in the in box because OE can only work on messages in the in box.  It
can not apply rules to messages in other folders.

Settings for SpamBayes to work with OE
Down load Spambayes and tell it to open.

(Due to a bug or feature in the installer program you have to:)
Change the default path in the installer dialog to -
Now go to a DOS box and -
    The DOS box is in  programs\accessories\Command Prompt
    Right click, drag and drop it on to the desk top or the tray.
    Tell it to copy the icon, not move it.

Change directories
cd \
cd s <tab>   Result is 

Build it
in DOS window:
 >cd \spambayes
 >\python23\python setup.py build

Install it
 >\python23\python setup.py install

Configure it
 >\python23\python pop3proxy.py -b   Note the \ at the start of this string.

browser will come up at http://localhost:8880
press 'Configure' button
Find the blue Configuration page and click on it
enter for 

Remote Server  postoffice.pacbell.net
Spambayes Ports:  110
Display To: in message review No
Allowed remote connections: local host

Skip to next section named
Header Options
    Notate to:  Leave these three unchecked for OE
    Classify in subject header:   [    ] ham
                                                    [ x ] spam
                                                    [ x ] unsure

Note:  I leave ham un checked so the good messages will not
have that extra baggage in the subject line.

SMTP Proxy Options
Remote Servers: mail.pacbell.net
SpamBayes Ports: 25

Skip past the Storage Options
Skip past the Statistics Options

press 'Save' at bottom of web page.

Settings for Outlook Express to work with SpamBayes
        Accounts (Internet accounts)
General tab 
    Fill in as appropriate  (Name and email address)
Servers tab
    Server information
        Incoming server is POP3
        Incoming mail POP3 is local host
        Outgoing mail SMTP is mail.pacbell.net
    Incoming mail server
        Account name - (No changes - first part of your email address usually)
        Password *******  (The one you use to get your mail from downtown)
Connection tab - Usually no changes - (Choose LAN or dialup)
Security tab - No changes
Advanced tab
    Outgoing mail SMTP 25
        [    ] This server requires a secure connection (SSL)  Not checked
        Incoming mail (POP3) 110
        [    ] This server requires a secure connection (SSL ) Not checked
     Server Timeouts ------------------------
        Short   1 minute   Not Break apart
        [ x ]  Check to leave a copy of message on server
            [ x ] Remove from server after 5 days  (My recommendation)
            [    ] Remove from server when deleted from deleted items


Message Rules do the work.
Outlook Express
        Message Rules
                    1. Select the Conditions for your rule;
                         [    ]                       
                         [ x ] Where the Subject line contains specific words
                         [    ]
                         [    ]                      
                2. Select the Actions for your rule:
                         [ x ] Move it to the specified folder
                         [    ]
                         [    ]
                         [    ]

Now click on each of the blue underlined words and fill them in.

                4. Name of the rule #1  Change this to a good name since you will
                                have more than one.

You can now apply your new rules
    Touch the Apply Now... button
        You might want to [ x ] the Include subfolders button
        Touch the next Apply Now... button

This document by John A. Peters
Corrections to Japeters at pacbell.net

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