[Spambayes] Still getting horrible results from SpamBayes - Anyadvice?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Sep 14 16:45:31 EDT 2003

[Adam Lasnik]
> A few weeks ago, I posted a note expressing concerns that SpamBayes
> was doing an inadequate job filtering my spam (using the Outlook
> plugin).
> I've now filtered more mail (approximately 1000 ham and spam), and
> SpamBayes' performance has remained abysmal (only 1 false negative but
> more than 30% false negatives) :(
> I know that SpamBayes is fine software (judging from the many positive
> comments I've read), so I'm assuming there's just some glitch with my
> installation or operating environment.
> What's especially frustrating is that I've classified many of the
> nearly-exact-same spams -- such as the Nigerian spams, also the "I
> just saw your profile and I'm new to the area..." crap and so on --
> as spam, but this doesn't help.  Subsequent copies of this stuff gets
> scored at 0% or a mere 4%.
> I'm using the latest Outlook filter (.81).  Any ideas about what I can
> do?  Thanks! :)

We need clues.  How may ham have you trained on?  How many spam have you
trained on?  Use the "Show spam clues for current message ..." menu item to
generate the internal evidence spambayes is going on for one of your problem
messages, and send it along.

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