[Spambayes] Checking for update not working

Tom Bates tfbiv at comcast.net
Sun Sep 14 19:01:03 EDT 2003

Tim Peters suggested that Spambayes should do better than 40% maybe's, so I
started on a mission to improve that. As a first step, I decided to see if I
had the latest version. Under the SpamBayes button, there is a "Check for
new version" button. When I try that, I get this dialog box:

"There was an error checking for the latest version
For specific details on the error, please see the Spambayes log

Please check your internet connection, or try again later"

with just an OK button.

I didn't find a log file in any obvious place. I have a cable modem, so I'm
always online.

Anyway, I called up the Spambayes Manager, and it turns out, I was using
0.7, so I just updated to 0.81. Install went flawlessly. Thanks very much
for making that part painless. But the "Check for new version" problem is
still there. And still no log file, at least not something that ends in

So I'll use 0.81 for a while and see how that works.

Many thanks to the developers. Even at 40% maybes, it still makes the chore
of expunging spam a lot easier. I don't think I've gotten any false
positives, either.


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