[Spambayes] Still getting horrible results from SpamBayes - Anyadvice?

Peter Beckman beckman at purplecow.com
Sun Sep 14 19:29:02 EDT 2003

On Sun, 14 Sep 2003, Adam Lasnik wrote:

> From: Peter Beckman [mailto:beckman at purplecow.com]
> >  I noticed that the email didn't even have a X-SpamBayes-Probability:
> >  header (or whatever it is).  Maybe that's the problem; some of your
> >  mail isn't getting tagged.
> >
> >  Check it in the headers.
> I just sent myself a test message.  It showed up as a 4% spam
> probability in the SPAM Outlook field, but when looking at headers
> (reproduced below), there is no mention of Spam or SpamBayes.  Is that a
> problem?

Hmmm.  Tony, anyone?  I know that every piece of mail that is either
trained or processed by SpamBayes has a header added to it.  If your mail
DOES NOT have a header to it, it would lead me to believe that there is
either a configuration problem or it is working correctly and it just works
differently using the Outlook plugin.


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